Rigid Body Dynamics

  • Fully procedural modeling for the house.

  • Multi Level Fracturing.

  • Transformed proxy fracture pieces with high resolution pieces using cached points.

  • Animated constraints and applying different type of constraints such as Glue, Hard, Cone Twist, Spring Constraints for art direction.

  • Added smaller chunk / debris using particles corresponding with the instanced debris scale and rotation.

  • Added vellum grain with million of particles.

  • Pyro Simulation for dust with custom wind force and Microsolver for the detail.

Crowd Project

  • Set up crowd system generated with VEX.

  • Airport environment using OSM (Boston Logan International Airport).

  • Different types of decision making states (Thrust, Stopping / Breaking / Boarding, Lift, Landing, Taxiing).

  • Soft orientation vector and rotated it following the velocity vector by matrix.

  • Avoiding planes with given a specific field of view for each plane depending on the size of the aircraft.

  • Finding the neighbor aircraft status and the closest gate available.


Flip Project

  • Create wave force using the ocean spectrum.

  • Added drag force to the shore for the flip simulation.

  • Create a whitewater source using the main simulation by filtering out from the velocity.

  • Meshing the flip simulation and added some custom attributes such as curvature, shallow depth, vorticity for the shader.

  • Mantra lighting and rendering. Nuke compositing.

Magical Effect Project

  • Creating a propagation mask for the drone transition.

  • Added secondary element such as lines and arc for the drone.

  • Added rotor wash for the drone descending.

  • Mantra, redshift lighting and rendering. Nuke compositing.


Pyro Project

  • Geometry clean up for the emission of the pyro simulation.

  • Added custom fields such as velocity, temperature and divergence to the smoke solver.

  • Custom microsolver and forces for the motion.

  • Arnold shader and rendering. 

Group Project

  • Recursive fracturing throughout the character.

  • Vellum cloth simulation activated by a growth mask. 

  • Added custom force from the pyro simulation.


Procedural Geometry Project

  • Fully Procedural modeling for all the environment.

  • Created a fully custom HDA tree / shrub / rock generator built using VEX.

  • Instance Workflow.

  • Redshift Rendering.